Spectacular views, cold mornings, tired runners, and plenty of Gatorade! Summer may be winding down, but for this August weekend, Manitou Springs warms up to welcome runners from around the world to compete in the weekend’s challenging race. Welcome to race weekend, welcome to the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon!



Doubler (those crazy enough to complete the Ascent & the Marathon!):

  • Male: Dave Mackey (A): 2:34:17 (M): 4:01:59 (Overall): 6:36:16
  • Female: Connilee Walter (A): 2:58:45 (M): 5:10:31 (Overall): 8:09:16

Congratulations to all of these adventurous, tough, inspiring, and a little crazy, runners! Looking forward to seeing you next year

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    What I was doing this weekend (volunteering, not running) and why I wasn’t on as much:)
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